Copenhagen's 2018 Tomorrow's Urban Travel colored green!

Copenhagen's 2018 Tomorrow's Urban Travel colored green!

Copenhagen is getting ready to host its third annual Tomorrow’s Urban Travel conference on the 9th of October to explore the future of urban travel, the changing trends, the innovations that are developping across the sector and so on. And while this is exciting as it is, the destination has effectively integrated sustainability within the conference, starting a painting with 50 shades of green. 

This year, they have integrated 8 sustainability strategies for the conference:

1. CO2 calculations on the food

Meat is known for its heavy CO2 footprint, so in an effort to curb this down a CO2 food calculator is included on the different food choices to help the attendees make up their choice.

2. No food left behind

Leftovers will be given to the local Café Dugnad that employs and cater for local social vulnerable.

3. No bottled water

Clean tap water for the win! A plastic bottle free event! Awesome!.

4. No printing, no handouts, no goodie bags

Digital is the way to go. Necessary information to be sent electronically to the guests, saving tons of paper and other useless wasted materials.

5. Hand over those name tags!

Nametag handover to be re-used for other future events. 

6. Rain is not only bad

The event location Øksnehallen has a system, that uses the rainwater from the rood to flush toilets. 

7. Leave the car at home

A central location that makes access and moving around as easy as 1,2,3. Central station at only 5 minutes walking distance, 13 mins to the airport, shared electric city bikes available outside the venue. You'll be sure to save up on CO2 emissions and filling up your local experience!

8. CO2 Offsetting speaker’s flights

The carbon emissions from the flights of the speakers alone are about the same as three average Danish citizens emissions in one year. Which is why supporting a Gold Standard certified UN carbon reducing project to offset these emission is a great initiative. Not only that, they have recommended that attendees make their own carbon offsets! 



All in all, way to go Copenhagen! These initiatives bring great excitement to us at the GDS-Index and we can't wait to see what this green painting will develop with the future editions as well!


You can find more information about the conference here and we invite you to read about their sustainability intiatives for it here