Espoo, Finland

Organisation: Visit Espoo 
Contact: Miikka Valo
Year: 2018

GDS-Index Category Breakdown

Category Total
Environmental Performance 86%
Social Performance 79%
Supplier Performance 90%
Destination Management Performance 51%

Destination Highlights

Hectares of green area per 100 000 population


Espoo is part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and is committed together with other metropolitan cities to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions per capita by almost 40 % by year 2030. A major step towards more sustainable future is the opening of West Metro in 2016. According to a recent study prepared for the Dutch presidency of the EU, Espoo is the most sustainable city in Europe. The study showed that measured by the economic, sociocultural and ecological sustainability scores, growth city of Espoo has managed to maintain its sustainable development. Knowledge, safety and nature were highlighted as Espoo's particular strengths. Espoo was classified as a green city with 18 000 hectares of green areas. Sustainability isn't just a city thing, Espoo based companies are in the forefront of sustainability: off all energy produced by local energy company Fortum almost 78 % is renewable energy. Furthermore Espoo based company Outotec was listed as the world's 3rd most sustainable company on the global 100 list.

Energy sourced from renewables
City traffic congestion level
Waste sent to landfill

Espoo is part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and part of a country listed in the top performers in country rankings like/ The most stable country in the world/ Safest country/ Least corrupted country/ Best country for women/ PISA Ranking.

Corruption Perception ranking
World Bank Inequality Index Score (Lower score represents lower inequality)
Gender Inequality Index ranking

Espoo has been a member of ICCA Scandinavian Chapter Sustainability Index since the early days of the project and over the years the attitude change within the events industry in the city has been a big one. Today, 70 % of all the hotels in Espoo are eco-certified and furthermore 63 % of all the conference venues are holding a certification. A few years back, the number was significantly lower. The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is the highlight of all the venues when it comes to sustainability, the building made entirely of CLT wood elements is 75 % energy self-sufficient when it comes to heating and 100 % self-sufficient when talking about cooling. It's not just an events centre, it is also a museum and in 2015, Haltia received the special commendation for sustainability in the European Museum of the Year Award 2015 competition.

City's hotels easily accessible by public transport to/from congress and exhibition centres
PCOs and DMCs have a written sustainability policy
Exhibition centres have sustainability certification

Being part of the Sustainability Index from the beginning, for Visit Espoo team it has meant a change in the way we communicate sustainability to our partners and also a change in our own behaviour. We have built our own environmental guidelines for the employees which takes into account for example procurement and the use of sustainable services. Today we are proud that we have a sustainable meetings guide on our website and furhermore, we are actively sharing the stories in Espoo. Although we have a good start for our sustainable meeting journey, we realise that it's only the beginning of the long road.

Yes No
Has the CVB established and is implementing a destination sustainability strategy?
Does the destination regularly measure and report on sustainable destination progress?
Does the CVB support or lead local sustainability training for cities MICE industry?
Does the CVB support or local authorities provide incentives or funding for organisations wanting to gain sustainability certification or issue a sustainability reports
Does the CVB provide free or subsidized public transport passes for major conventions?
Does CVB/DMO provide clients with ideas and resources to support the local community?

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