Gothenburg, Sweden

Organisation: Göteborg & Co
Contact: Katarina Thorstensson
Year: 2016

GDS-Index Category Breakdown

Category Total
Environmental Performance 70%
Social Performance 100%
Supplier Performance 92%
Destination Management Performance 77%

Destination Highlights

Hectares of green area per 100 000 population


Gothenburg is one of the world’s most progressive cities when it comes to addressing climate and environmental issues. The regional climate target is to be fossil-independent by 2030 and Gothenburg was the first city in the world to issue Green Bonds to accelerate investments in climate-oriented solutions. The city offers world-class and internationally recognized green system solutions and we aim to set an international example by constantly challenging every aspect of sustainability. Eco-certified suppliers, venues run on renewables, our environmental diploma system and the proximity in the city are key factors in achieving ecological sustainability. Gothenburg has a low emission zone in place and the airport is certified to the highest level of the Airport Carbon Accreditation scheme. The Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development, founded by the city, is an international prize awarded to a person or organisation for outstanding contributions towards a more sustainable future. By giving this international prize we get to celebrate success and learn from the best. Among former winners are Paul Polman, CEO Unilever; Kofi Annan, UN secretary.

Energy sourced from renewables
City traffic congestion level
Waste sent to landfill

Gothenburg is a port city and international exchange and cultural diversity has always been part of our city´s DNA. Social sustainability and inclusion are important aspects and the city government has established an ambitious programme to fight segregation and to close inequality gaps. Team Gothenburg is a project to engage young adults, representing all districts, in city events to help break down prejudices relating to gender, ethnicity, background etc. The city has received the European Access City Award for the strategic and structured work towards a city accessible for all. Sweden’s first municipal LGBT advisory board was established here in 2013 and hosting EuroPride in 2018 was also an acknowledgement of our efforts. Sweden scores high on global social sustainability rankings like; Least corrupt country, Most prosperous country, Most peaceful country, Happiest people, Human capital index and Best country for women. Scores that indeed goes for Gothenburg as well.

Corruption Perception ranking
World Bank Inequality Index Score (Lower score represents lower inequality)
Gender Inequality Index ranking

Gothenburg is a world leading destination for sustainable meetings and events – rated #1 on the GDS Index 2016 and 2017, as well as #1 on past editions of the ICCA Scandinavia Sustainability Index. World-class and internationally recognized sustainable solutions are in place and with vast experience in making major events sustainable and accessible we strive to minimise any negative impact on people and the environment. Events like European Championships, Way Out West and the Gothenburg Culture Festival are used as living-lab platforms and show the way ahead in developing a sustainable meetings and events destination where inclusion and accessibility are key features. We aim to make a positive contribution to society, stakeholders and the local economy, and to create lasting positive effects locally and regionally. All major venues are eco-certified and about 92% of the hotel rooms hold an official eco-certification making Gothenburg one of the greenest hotel cities in the world. Even the Opera House, Concert Hall and the amusement park are eco-certified and Gothenburg restaurants have great access to local and organic produce.

City's hotels easily accessible by public transport to/from congress and exhibition centres
PCOs and DMCs have a written sustainability policy
Exhibition centres have sustainability certification

By 2021 Gothenburg is a destination that sets an international example by constantly challenging every aspect of sustainability. Our conviction is that our industry is an important contributor towards a sustainable society. Göteborg & Co works closely with our partners to move sustainability efforts further. Producing events in-house gives us the opportunity to use events as platforms for innovation and testing of sustainable activities and processes. All company-controlled events hold a third-party certification. Meetings and events operators and rights holders are challenged and encouraged to develop their sustainability performance further when planning an event in Gothenburg. It is easy, and we support, offer advice and share knowledge and experiences. We want everyone to join us in building a sustainable society and a smart and caring city for everyone. Göteborg & Co is a founding partner in ICCA Scandinavia Sustainability Index and the Swedish GMIC chapter. We are committ

Yes No
Has the CVB established and is implementing a destination sustainability strategy?
Does the destination regularly measure and report on sustainable destination progress?
Does the CVB support or lead local sustainability training for cities MICE industry?
Does the CVB support or local authorities provide incentives or funding for organisations wanting to gain sustainability certification or issue a sustainability reports
Does the CVB provide free or subsidized public transport passes for major conventions?
Does CVB/DMO provide clients with ideas and resources to support the local community?

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