Oslo, Norway

Organisation: Oslo Convention Bureau

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Oslo is full of people and businesses who work towards a healthy environment: From restaurants that serve organic foods to city developers searching for eco-conscious solutions. Together they have turned Oslo into a sustainable destination to be reckoned with, and Oslo has been named the 2019 European Green Capital.

Three major environmental certifications are available for the Norwegian meetings industry, Nordic Swan, Eco-Lighthouse and ISO 14001. 89% of the hotels are eco- certified. Oslo's eco-eating options are varied. The selection of eateries that base their foods on ecological ingredients ranges from some of of the city's most budget friendly cafe's to the two Michelin star restaurant Maaemo.

Oslo’s reputation as a green city is due to a lot more than its many parks and surrounding forests. Urban planners, politicians and businesses of different kinds all work hard to reduce Oslo’s carbon footprint and ensure a sustainable future for everyone. Core projects within social sustainability are, car-free urban living, developping green entrepreneurship, promoting green and responsible consumption as well as sustainable city planning.

Oslo is located at the head of Oslo Fjord, surrounded by forested ridges. Strict laws regulate the exploitation of the forests, to the benefit of future generations of Oslo citizens as well as visitors. This unspoilt environment is an important asset for Oslo and the surrounding countryside also provides recreational opportunities for the city's inhabitants and visitors. Oslo is a walking city with an efficient public transport network. There is a common fare system for all local transport within the city borders. The buses are, to an increasing extent, powered by bio-fuel and electricity. City bikes can be found all over town with over of 200 bike stands, and there are approximately 5000 charging stations for electric vehicles scattered around Oslo. Oslo was appointed European Green Capital in 2019 for its long-standing efforts in improving its environmental footprint.

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