Stuttgart, Germany

Organisation: Stuttgart Convention Bureau

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Performance Highlights

Qualification: Sustainability consultant (GCB), pilot partner at Sustainability Check Baden-Wuerttemberg, supporter of the German “rightandfair" sustainability codex, ongoing extension of the sustainable partners‘ network, Imex Green Exhibitor Award 2012 Services: suitable venues and service providers, group programs including CSR aspects, hotel reservation including public transport ticket, arrangement of Deutsche Bahn event tickets at 100% eco-energy. Location search: Online and print: special icon for the selection of sustainable venues and hotels Mobile offers: 3-days-ticket for public transport, free use of public transport when room booking is made through SCB/Stuttgart-Marketing, railway ticket at 100% eco-energy, CSR conform airport / Fairport Stuttgart.

38 conference venues following a Green Policy and 5,200 certified hotel rooms within the region indicate the strong sustainability commitment. With discounted tickets for public transport or even free tickets in case of block hotel bookings and room reservations operated by Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH, sustainable mobility of participants is guaranteed. Guests may also make use of the largest car2go fleet with e-cars only. Since 2012 the Stuttgart Convention Bureau supports the German event sector's "rightandfair" sustainability codex. Moreover in 2014 the company participated successfully in the state of Baden-Württemberg's sustainability check and since 2016 is listed on the greenmeeting 2.0 database. The Stuttgart universities are leading in the fields of sustainable technologies and sciences and invite experts to manifold conferences. The leading German CSR conference and the International Cities for Mobility Congress regularly take place in Stuttgart. In 2017 Stuttgart hosted the “greenmeetings and events” conference and the worldwide leading EVS Electric Vehicle Symposium.

Stuttgart in a great position - regarding to the quality of living, Stuttgart is ranked on 24th place out of 230 in 2016 according to the Mercer´s study (Quality of Living Rankings) and, apart from the environmental aspect, especially stands out in the categories economic performance, social issues and education in the analysis of the 50 largest cities in Germany. A cosmopolitan metropolis with a high level of civic engagement especially in the matter of the current refugee situation. Child friendliness and togetherness of generations as well as social welfare are other aspects of Stuttgart’s social engagement. With 40 % inhabitants with migrant background Stuttgart has a great cultural diversity. Since 2001 the integration policy supports the international development of the city and the equal participation of immigrants at the social life. Hence Stuttgart is one of the safest cities in Europe. Since 2013 Stuttgart is an official fair-trade city.

Stuttgart is holding a leading position within sustainability in Germany. It achieves higher-than-average results among Germany's 50 largest cities in every category of the overall rankings of the WirtschaftsWoche Sustainable City Indicator (WWSCI). 50 % of all hotel rooms within Stuttgart city centre have active 3rd party sustainability certification as well as one third of all hotel rooms within the Stuttgart Region, which is also a model region for sustainable mobility. Stuttgart Airport consistently adheres to the guidelines of the "fairport" codex and successfully enforces CSR-compliant procedures. Since October 2014 Stuttgart has held certification as a Baden-Württemberg Sustainable Destination. In the Innovation Cities Index 2015, the world’s largest city classification including all major European cities, Stuttgart reached the 24th place out of the top 100. Moreover a remarkable position was reached in the cities ranking of the IESE Cities in Motion Index where Stuttgart is number 48 out of 148.

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