The Hague, The Netherlands

Organisation: The Hague Convention Bureau 
Contact: Bas Schot
Year: 2018

GDS-Index Category Breakdown

Category Total
Environmental Performance 62%
Social Performance 79%
Supplier Performance 62%
Destination Management Performance 20%

Destination Highlights

Hectares of green area per 100 000 population


The Hague aims to be climate neutral by 2040, 10 years before ahead of the goal set of the whole country of The Netherlands. The main strategy for the city is to connect this ambitious goals to the many initiatives that are already taking place among residents, businesses and institutions and to stimulate the joint effort to multiply the effect. The strategy will make a significant contribution towards making the Hague a forward-looking, attractive city with low housing costs for residents, a favorable business climate and an efficient and inspiring destination for conventioneers. Many steps have already been taken in developing in energy-efficient housing, building renewable energy sources and climate-proofing the city. Located by the sea, The Hague sees many excellent opportunities to developing sustainability in the water sector. As the first important phase towards becoming a water-smart city, The Hague has already piloted a project to remove the plastic soup in the oceans.

Energy sourced from renewables
City traffic congestion level
Waste sent to landfill

As the capital of The Netherlands, The Hague leads by example in developing and implementing many social sustainability programmed. The main focus is on four factors of social sustainability development: social capacity (the ability of the citizens to have skills and have access to facilities that will enable them to achieve good living standards), living conditions, participation and social connection. The Hague implements a series of initiatives to ensure continuous development in all of these factors, with an ambition to reach not only high overall quality of life but to achieve impactful social sustainability across all of the city neighborhoods.

Corruption Perception ranking
World Bank Inequality Index Score (Lower score represents lower inequality)
Gender Inequality Index ranking

There are a number of factors that contribute to the sustainability of conferences and meetings in The Hague. First of all the Hague is a compact and convenient city with all of its locations easily reachable by public transportation, which is modern, comfortable and largely runs on electricity. Secondly, most of the hotels and venues have already made huge steps towards sustainability, or are well on the way. A good example is a programmed set by the city's largest convention center, The World Forum, who have not only implemented a wide range of initiatives on climate and social sustainability but consult and support event organizers who would like to make sure that their event at this location is sustainable and leaves a positive legacy.

City's hotels easily accessible by public transport to/from congress and exhibition centres
PCOs and DMCs have a written sustainability policy
Exhibition centres have sustainability certification

The Hague Convention Bureau is currently focused on developing a strong partnership network in the city, with, among other objectives, creating and implementing sustainability standards across all of the participating venues and providers. This will insure that not only progress on sustainability is made but also that this effect is multiplied through cooperation, sharing of knowledge and best practice.

Yes No
Has the CVB established and is implementing a destination sustainability strategy?
Does the destination regularly measure and report on sustainable destination progress?
Does the CVB support or lead local sustainability training for cities MICE industry?
Does the CVB support or local authorities provide incentives or funding for organisations wanting to gain sustainability certification or issue a sustainability reports
Does the CVB provide free or subsidized public transport passes for major conventions?
Does CVB/DMO provide clients with ideas and resources to support the local community?

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