Uppsala, Sweden

Organisation: Uppsala Convention Bureau 
Contact: Anna Lindström
Year: 2018

GDS-Index Category Breakdown

Category Total
Environmental Performance 90%
Social Performance 79%
Supplier Performance 95%
Destination Management Performance 74%

Destination Highlights

Hectares of green area per 100 000 population


Uppsala has high ambitions when it comes to environmental work and strive to accomplish it's main goals in accordance to the environmental and climat plan for 2014-2023. To mention but a few of the goals/ * by 2020 reduce the green house emissions by another 30%, * All renewable and climate neutral heating by 2020, * Solar energy to 30 MW by 2020, * All transportation owned or financed by the city shall be fossile fuled only by 2020, * The citys energy use should be unchanged in year 2020 when compared to the amount in 2014 *100% ecological food by all publicly funded functions in 2023, such as childcare, schools and elderly homes, to name but a few. 100% of the convention centres and 88% of the hotels rooms are eco-certified.

Energy sourced from renewables
City traffic congestion level
Waste sent to landfill

Uppsala has over the last year started to work with local partners of social sustainability programs and to communicate towards local meeting planners and meeting hosts to set an example and act upon supporting local initiatives when organising their meetings and events. We arrange sustainability forums for the hosts to meet with local charities and social projects and we send out a quarterly newsletter to the about 550 local hosts at the universities, the university hospital, the municipallity and other local associations representatives with more information and contact details.

Corruption Perception ranking
World Bank Inequality Index Score (Lower score represents lower inequality)
Gender Inequality Index ranking

Uppsala as one of the founding partner in ICCA Scandinavia Sustainability Index has done quite well in achieving good results and top positions in the ranking. The sustainable work of the local meetings industry is very goal oriented and the Convention Bureau together with it's industry partners work for continous progress and leadership in the matter. We have followed the example of the municipallity in setting high goals for the convention bureau, partners and our common projects. We are most proud of engaging the accual local hosts and meetings ambassadeurs in the work of environmental, social and economical sustainabilty. Together with them we meet up in forums over the year to discuss how we all can help to progress and perform better. We aim to have all major events and congresses certified already in 2017 and we hope to get the industry to involve in social sustainability events over the year to come. 100% of the convention centres and 88% of the hotels rooms are eco-certified.

City's hotels easily accessible by public transport to/from congress and exhibition centres
PCOs and DMCs have a written sustainability policy
Exhibition centres have sustainability certification

To summarize the program in brief we act as we teach. The events organised by the DMOs shall be eco-certified by a third part. To join as a CVB partner the local industry need to act upon a plan to be certified for the years to come. All financial aid from the municipallity towards event and meeting planners with a environmental plan or aspiration, will be taken in to concideration firstly.

Yes No
Has the CVB established and is implementing a destination sustainability strategy?
Does the destination regularly measure and report on sustainable destination progress?
Does the CVB support or lead local sustainability training for cities MICE industry?
Does the CVB support or local authorities provide incentives or funding for organisations wanting to gain sustainability certification or issue a sustainability reports
Does the CVB provide free or subsidized public transport passes for major conventions?
Does CVB/DMO provide clients with ideas and resources to support the local community?

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