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We extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the following pioneers for driving the adoption and recognition of sustainable practices in the global events and destinations industry.

For information about becoming a sponsor or partner, please contact:

Why participate?

The GDS-Index is a unique opportunity to engage with destinations, industry suppliers, clients and event planners from around the world. Fostering transformative public-private partnerships is a top priority and to this end we invite organisations to support with the funding, development and outreach of the GDS-Index Report.

Sponsors and Partners may be organisations of any kind who are committed to responsible business and collective action to drive the sustainable development of the events industry.

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Why sponsor or become a partner?

  • Demonstrate your commitment to building a more responsible and sustainable world.
  • Invest in a unique platform for partnerships between multiple stakeholders in the global events industry.
  • Visibility for and acknowledgement of your organisation's leadership position in sustainability.
  • Opportunity to share your organisation's vision, commitment, strategies and practices on a highly visible global platform.
  • Opportunity for meaningful exchange, learning and collaboration with other sustainability leaders from around the world.

Deliverables Industry Sponsors Industry Partners
Ability to link to your own video, presentations and social media
Option to present at event industry workshops
Recognition and stand-out feature in Index website and report
Recognition in awards program, press releases, articles and presentations
Participation in advisory committee
Access to mailing list/database
Presentation role at Event Ceremony

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