Webinars and Videos

In this interview, Nalan Emre, COO of IMEX, shares how IMEX's pioneering vision has resulted in the adoption of sustainable practices, to minimize the negative impacts of their events.

In this interview Giles Handford shares with us what sustainability means for Melbourne, and how the city's CVB uses collaboration and knowledge sharing to drive the adoption of responsible practices.

In this interview Katarina Thorstensson, shares how Gothenburg's convention bureau has made sustainability a core pillar of its business plan, and the benefits of reporting on sustainability.

From the sufficiency economy, to reducing food waste, in this short video Pat Satkhum, MICE Senior Manager of TCEB, shares with us some insights and tactics for driving destination sustainability.

In this short video, Olivier Mathieu, Manager of the Lausanne and Montreux Congress, shares insights on how his DMO has used the UN's Sustainable Development Goals to create their strategy.

In this short video Kit Lykketoft shares with us what sustainability means for Copenhagen, and how they used hard data to create their 'Tourism for Good' sustainability strategy.

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