Webinars and Videos

This tutorial teaches the use of the guiding notes. These describe how to respond to different questions, and could contain important links that direct you to data sources for your city.

This short tutorials shows how you can access the glossary, in order to better understand key terms contained in the questionnaire.

This tutorial briefly shows how to begin filling out the questionnaire - in this case a multiple choice answer. Most answers require supporting documents, which can be uploaded/added at any time.

This tutorial shows how to gain access to our methodology. It is recommended you have a look at it before filling out the questionnaire, to gain an overview of what may be asked.

This tutorial shows how to fill out your public profile. It is useful and important to do this properly, as it will be published on our website.

This short video shows how to add different contacts to your profile page, and share which people we should get in touch with regarding different topics.

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